Many still debate today over the name of Jesus being changed in the Bible to reflect the Gentile name. I have called on the name of Jesus all my life. But it was later in my life when I learned of all of some of the scriptures being destroyed and burned. The Constantine theory of changes in the Bible and many more that I began to contemplate the saying so many say today, “In the mighty name of Jesus, men and women are healed and situations turned around.” Would it hurt then to sometimes call on His real name Yashua? If there is power in His name, then is not there that much more healing and saving power in His real name? That answer should be self evident and beyond a shadow of a doubt, yes! I know it’s hard to turn it around, but remember that Satan is the author of lies, and only seeks mankinds demise, would it not be then in Satan’s interest to reduce the power of our Lord and Savior, throught the changing of His name. I believe that no matter what we call Him, He knows what is in our hearts and we seek to serve, love and call on Him. But every now and then you need to acknowledge and call Him by His real name. And yes, He will answer everytime! Be Blessed!